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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my home is a good fit for an Airbnb?
This is typically the first question I hear. The best thing to do is access your home layout. Meaning, do you have a space that will be shared with guests or a space that can be separate. When you can answer that, your path will lead to two entirely different directions.

2. My area already has many Airbnb listings. Is it worth it to even start mine?
Absolutely! If you live in an area that has many Airbnb listings, then that is a great indicator that people need accommodations. You will want to stay competitive so get after it!

3. How much can I really make with Airbnb?
The average host makes roughly 81% of their mortgage payment each month. Depending on the demand for your area and how many bedrooms you have can have a dramatic effect on your potential income from your listing.

4. Will my Home Owners Association (HOA) allow this?
You should review all your governing documents, By-laws, and Covenants before starting an Airbnb in your home. It is important to be clear whether or not your neighborhood will allow this. To be extra sure, consult an attorney to review these documents with you.